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Professional Disciplinary Lawyers

We are expert lawyers specialising in the defence of disciplinary proceedings, usually stemming from criminal allegations.

Often in disciplinary cases it is possible to head off a full scale investigation, and sanctions, by taking decisive action at an early stage.

We will always look to prevent an initial referral from turning into full scale disciplinary proceedings. Often if an allegation is low level, or false, prompt and detailed representations can prevent an initial complaint from becoming a bigger issue.

Regulatory & Disciplinary lawyers

Disciplinary Law and Proceedings

We are able to assist in the defence of any disciplinary proceedings. We are able to help:

  • Solicitors
  • Doctors, Nurses, Dentists, Oseopaths, and any health care worker
  • Architects
  • Social Workers
  • Vets
  • Surveyors
  • Legal Executives
  • Accountants

We specialise in dealing with cases where criminal allegations have been made, or where a caution or a conviction has been concluded.


Criminal Cases and Disciplinary proceedings 

 If you have been convicted, cautioned, or you have received a community resolution, then your professional regulator will believe that you are guilty of that offence.

For more minor allegations, it may be possible to mitigate your case so that your regulator will not take any action against you. 

For more serious offences, it may be the case that overturning your criminal conviction or caution will be the best course of action. We have extensive experience of appealing criminal convictions and police records

If it is not possible to overturn your criminal record, we will make sure your case is thoroughly prepared and presented in the best possible light, to ensure you stand the best possible chance of avoiding a negative sanction, and keep you working. 

We understand the stress you will be going through as a professional, whilst being investigated by your regulator, and we always fight to ensure your rights, and career, are protected from the earliest stages of your case.

Please get in touch to today to discuss your professional disciplinary case. 


Please get in touch to arrange a consultation with an expert solicitor.

We offer a fixed fee initial telephone consultation where we will assess your case in detail. We will send you a detailed written advice advising you on your prospects of success.

If we think your case can succeed we will usually be able to conduct your case on a fixed fee basis. Equally if we think your case has a limited prospect of success we will tell you so that you avoid incurring any further costs.

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